Coaching & Transformation at Work


Regan Caruthers leads OceansThree coaching services, helping clients elevate their performance, more deeply align their lives and work with their values, or find their path, while reducing internal stress and noise. Regan believes that the insights one needs to make constructive, transformative changes reside within, yet those insights are often inaccessible due to internal and external roadblocks. Regan’s coaching provides easy to access tools and strategies that if applied to daily life lead to personal transformation and more effective, fulfilling performance at work.

To elevate team performance and cohesion, many clients have also engaged our services to help teams resolve conflict, and improve communication and performance. We help teams navigate difficult conversations with authenticity leading to performance breakthroughs built on renewed trust.

For candidates going through a career change, we also coach individuals through career transitions or career transformations. We can help you with: developing and strengthening your value proposition; positioning your LinkedIn profile and resume around your strengths, accomplishments and desired role; interview preparation and practice; or developing a job search game plan.

Typical Coaching Scenarios for Individuals

  • Regaining Passion for Work
  • Reducing Stress and Improving Work/Life Balance
  • Resolving Conflict with a Colleague
  • Making a Vital Career Decision
  • Creating a Meaningful and Supportive Inner Life
  • Managing through a Career Transition

For Teams

  • Resolving Conflict with a Critical Team Member
  • Aligning Individual Strengths and Passions to Deliverables
  • Creating a Healthier, Fulfilling Team Culture
  • Redesigning Work Processes to Accelerate Performance



regan caruthers

Regan Caruthers, Partner

Regan Caruthers has been an executive recruiter and coach at OceansThree since its inception. She brought over 20 years of top performing sales and business development experience in the education industry to her role, including leadership positions with both the California State University and California Community Colleges’ Office of the Chancellor.

Regan understands the talent needs of both mature and early stage companies having excelled in both environments for companies such as McGraw-Hill, Kno, CourseSmart, and as Vice-President Sales and Strategic Alliances for Pathbrite.

In addition, her innovative work experience with both the Institute of HeartMath and the Society for Organizational Learning provides her with a unique and holistic perspective on how best to coach talent to thrive in complex and demanding organizational environments. Her transformative coaching has been widely praised by a variety of education industry leaders and she is passionate about bringing her clients tools to navigate change and complexity with more ease.

A native of St. Louis, Missouri, Regan has called Santa Cruz, CA home for the last 20 years. Her husband Jim Kelly and her two sons, Connor and Ian, bring her great joy!



“As a coach, her work is professional and career oriented, but the questions she asks, if answered fully and honestly, touch all aspects of your life. Regan helped me to see that my potential, though rooted in software products and learning, was more fully realized in working with people and leading teams. This has led me towards roles of increasing responsibility and executive leadership. Regan sees the whole person and her insight is empathetic yet bold and challenging. More recently, she worked with members of my leadership team and I have seen similar growth and transformation in them. I recommend her coaching services to any company or individual seeking to grow in both quality of life and performance.”

Jon Stowe, COO, Teachstone


“The impact of Regan’s coaching on my life — professionally and otherwise — have been immense and measurable. Regan will help you see — and thus measure — yourself , and offer the coaching to actualize the changes and growth you seek. Like a masterful musician in a duet, Regan offers the right ratios of support to stimulate your growth and space to find your own path in her coaching.

“Regan is deliberate and kind in holding me accountable to action plans and encourages my follow through in measuring my growth through our sessions. Regan is a highly effective communicator who helps me detangle complicated circumstances quickly…Regan infuses the power of positivity into all of her coaching which has made me a more effective leader and colleague.

“Regan offers keen perspective on how I'm situated within my work ecosystem and otherwise which has helped me realize my voice and role as a leader in and out of the office. Regan models kindness and self regulation as a coach which in turn have lent to my growth in those areas.”

Chad Sanders, CEO, Archer Genius Management; Former Director of New Products, Dev BootCamp



“Regan has helped me overcome obstacles, improve my relationships with colleagues, and approach my job with greater confidence and clarity. Whether in preparing for an important meeting or navigating a complex project, Regan has an incredible ability to listen, synthesize complex situations, and provide powerful advice (that works!). Meeting with Regan regularly has given me a third eye – I am armed with greater foresight and awareness of my environment that betters me and the organization I work for. I would recommend Regan without hesitation to anyone who wants to improve their success and enjoyment at work.”

A. Noda, Founder, Pull Reminders and Co-Founder Butter CMS; Former CTO, Kaplan NEST