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Like you, we believe quality education changes the trajectory of people’s lives. And finding the right talent can change the trajectory of companies. Diverse human talent is all around us, but it is often squandered by poor fit or lack of development. OceansThree provides access to the right stars and helps you attract, develop, and retain that talent by calling on our 166 years of combined hiring and leadership experience in education and education technology.


OceansThree is a boutique search and talent development company started on the belief that if hiring the right people is one of the most important elements of a successful business, then hiring a recruiter should be far more than an expensive, transactional experience, with someone who doesn’t understand your industry, and doesn’t know or can’t attract top talent. All the partners at OceansThree are highly experienced recruiters, with deep expertise in the ed tech industry, who will work with you authentically and passionately, from beginning to beyond hiring, to help your company achieve its mission and goals.


We want to be your partner to recruit and place the talent that you need, and we’d love to help you with retention too. We’ll work with you to grow, develop, and retain your talent, either by helping onboard and coach the people that we place, or by allowing you to choose from our suite of professional development services to help you create a winning culture where everyone in your company knows they can fulfill their potential. Our mission is to help you secure, develop, and retain the best talent in the industry.


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Our Services

Recruiting & Executive Search

Our part-art, part-science proprietary process is comprehensive and efficient so that we can help you attract and land the best talent for your company.

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Talent Development & Retention

Building engaged, high-performing teams is vital to drive revenue growth and retention. Let us help you develop and implement strategic initiatives to exceed your goals.

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Coaching & Transformation at Work

Let us help you and your teams thrive in complex and demanding organizational environments, and navigate change with more ease and purpose.

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By the Numbers


Retention rate of our talent placements

Retention Rate of our Talent Placements


77 combined years recruiting experience

Combined Years Recruiting Experience


33 years in the education sector

Years in the Education Sector ~ Since 1985


10,670 talented people in our network

Talented People in our Network and Database


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